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Eight Toms, 7000 D-W Double Bass Pedal, 19 Cymbals, Three Roto Toms, Two Conga's And Effects. 

From: lucas @ (Sun 18 Jun 2006 07:34:54 PM UTC)
nice drum set best i've seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen ever jdsfbg;kaj dflghnxcjvjaksbvgasjfrg


My Drivers Seat ...  
From: Luke @ (Mon 08 Jan 2007 12:32:47 PM UTC)
maddest baddest kit i ever seen


Eight Toms, D-W Double Bass Pedal, 18 Cymbals, Three Roto Toms, And Effects. 
From: lloydoftherings @ (Tue 25 Apr 2006 11:34:08 PM UTC)
i rly envy the kit u own.. man jus lookin at it makes me so darn happy..give it to me plz...plz

From: chris h @ (Mon 22 May 2006 07:59:26 PM UTC)
same i would love a kit like that i envy u so much i hope i have a kit like that when i am older

From: Mitch @ (Tue 23 May 2006 11:01:07 PM UTC)
Really nice Kit! I like it how you have got the roto toms in there. They make a HUGE difference but really nice set up.
Rock on

From: mom @ (Sun 28 May 2006 05:02:36 AM UTC)
nice kit u gotta be rich to get dat shit yo but if yo if anyone had money like dat dey wudda did a much better job settin it up but still its iigh

From: @ (Sat 10 Jun 2006 01:18:35 AM UTC)
dude wicked drums, the set up is fine, i bet if you were sitting in that throne it would blow your mind, and maybe your dad


DW (Drum Works ) Road Set.

Only Around $13,000 Sitting There !  
From: hello @ (Mon 23 Jan 2006 07:33:24 PM UTC)
What is your kit cymbales?

respon to

From: RandomGuy500 @ (Sun 09 Apr 2006 12:16:57 AM UTC)
Thats a sweet set, pearls rule I have a Pearl Indonesian Masters Series Set like that but smaller. Thats almost as big as Neil Pearts and Eric singers.

From: chris h @ (Thu 04 May 2006 08:53:47 PM UTC)
hey i have a cb (pile of shit) but ive had to put up with it for like a year but i wish of summing like that of summing pearl lord plese hear my beggeing

From: Dan @ (Thu 25 May 2006 06:55:20 PM UTC)
it's a very bad drum set Jedi

From: judo @ (Sat 04 Nov 2006 03:30:39 AM UTC)
dan are you a fucking idiot that drumset is sweet you fuck head


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